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Two Down, One to Go

As we approach the culmination of this season’s Spanish Segunda League, it’s time to look at which three new sides will be appearing in La Liga during the 2010-2011 campaign.

Real Soceidad:
Real Soceidad defeated Celta Vigo 2-0 last Sunday to mark their return to Spain’s top league. After being absent for three years, the blue and white kit of Real Soceidad will once again be prevalent in Spain’s top league. Real Soceidad possess a rich tradition of winning and will look to stay in La Liga for a long while. They have also developed some solid players, most recently with current Spanish national team member, Xabi Alonso. Having already won Primera League titles in 1981 and 1982, the Segunda division champions will be keen on continuing their success in La Liga.

Like Real Soceidad, Levante have also already qualified for next year’s La Liga competition. They will be making their return to the top division after their relegation in 2008. It is bound to be a special year for the Valencia-based club as they will be celebrating their 100th year of existence over the course of next season. Although they will re-enter La Liga for their second time in the last 6 seasons, they still play a prominent role in deciding the third team that will join them.

At the end of last year’s La Liga campaign, the bottom three teams of Valladoid, Tenerife, and Xerez were to be sent down to the Segunda division. With the emergence of both Levante and the storied Real Soceidad, it will come down to the final weekend for that third team to be decided.

And it will be a fortunate Levante side who holds all the cards heading into these important fixtures.

Fresh off their own promotion, the advancement of another side is controlled by Levante. Spanish clubs Hercules and Real Betis are locked on 68 points heading into the final match. Hercules will play a poor Real Union side, while Real Betis will combat the aforementioned Levante.

Expect Hercules to do their job and secure a full three points against a pathetic Real Union outfit, and Real Betis to win a narrow match against a Levante squad surely to be starting a second-rate lineup.

Both Hercules and Real Betis would still be tied on 71 points for that coveted final promotion spot. However the edge would go to Hercules, due to a much better goal differential.

Stay tuned though, as the battle for next year’s La Liga will be worth watching this weekend.

Demoted: Valladoid, Tenerife, Xerez
Promoted: Real Soceidad, Levante, Hercules*