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Troubling Contracts Jeopardize Milan’s Summer

AC  Milan - PSV in San Siro - www.yme.nlThere’s a big issue regarding Ac Milan’s transfer campaign that has been looming across the media especially after the club’s vice president Adriano Galliani stated that in order to acquire new players they need to sell some of the old and unproductive players such as Oddo, Kaladze and Jankulovski. This idea was actually being planned since last season, especially after those three fail to deliver their past form for the Rossoneri shirt, however it seems very hard for Milan to release those three as until today there hasn’t been any clarity regarding where  they will go next season.

Rumors seems to spread every week, stating about the possibilities of those three old guards, however every time there’s an interest there’s nothing concrete on the result aside from rejection. This surely brings such a curiosity among the Rossoneri fans over why is it so hard for Milan to part ways with players that the club don’t have any intention in keeping, well the Milanisti should also realize that the situation has pretty much move into a complex situation. Sharing a little bit point of view on the difficulties that the red and black squad’s having, I can tell that there are two main issues the club’s having which are contracts and wages.

Jankulovski, Kaladze and Oddo were players that have a contract until 2011 and also being paid handsomely by Milan, that makes smaller clubs having difficulty if they have an idea to purchase one of the three. Not only that, with the “fat contracts” they’re having it would be pretty difficult for the Rossoneri in ending their partnership with the players, not to mention the fashion capital club isn’t the kind of society that would dish out their heroes without proper respect.

This delicate situation is pretty much what Milan must pay by betting on their players in keep on providing the same performances despite facing aging issues, the fact that the club hand out long term contract with massive wages has caused them problem this days. The Rossoneri is having a tough time looking for clubs that can afford those players wages which is hard concerning with their declined form, no big clubs are interested on their services that would leave smaller sides that usually can’t keep up with what the old guards wants.

The best solution for Milan would be trying to discuss the whole matter with the troubling players, the Rossoneri must make a clear statement to those footballers regarding their future with the club. After clearing things out, hopefully it would make things easier to find new clubs for the veterans and every party can finally benefited from the conditions. If things can’t be sort out, it could jeopardize the team’s summer market as they would need to keep players they don’t really need and won’t be able to purchase new blood because it would make the 7th time Champions League winner’s wage budget increases.

On a positive note, Milan might learn something from this situation as in the future they should not make the same mistake in giving long term contract with huge wages to players especially those who have reached unproductive ages. The Rossoneri should accept the fact that not everyone is Paolo Maldini and Cafu who still have the pace and heart in playing although they have passed their 30’s, the club must see clearly that most footballers won’t keep on producing the same quality as they grow old, so it’s necessary to make a smart market by, buying, keeping or selling the right players at the time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Yme Bosma