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Trouble At Milan’s Camp

Up He GetsA rare trouble appeared at Ac Milan’s training camp on Friday afternoon after a bust up occurred between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Oguchi Onyewu that resulted in the Rossoneri coach, Massimiliano Allegri ending the session earlier than scheduled.

Reports from the Italian press suggested that some fans that were witnessing the training were pretty much worried that the brawl could cost problem in the team’s dressing room considering it’s pretty much a rare sights to happen in Milanello.

Answering to the fans concern, Milan’s vice president Adriano Galliani stated on Saturday, that there’s nothing that should be concerned by the fans as the issues between Ibra and Onyewu have been resolved. Galliani also said that, the ‘problem’ that happened in the training ground can actually fired up everything and that it only made the headline because there were fans witnessing the training from the stands.

“It’s true that there was a vivacious clash between them and the training session was suspended for a little while. It often happens on a football field and the news only made headlines because it was witnessed by a few fans in the stands, Galliani said. “In any case, they cleared the air between them and I spoke to both of them for a long time. It’s all over. In fact, I consider it to be a good side. I like to see players with grit. I prefer that to training sessions with chamomile.”

The incident itself take place during Milan’s training session on Friday and it all reportedly happened because Onyewu was upset with Ibrahimovic’s bad tackle on him during match practice. Witnesses from the fans reported that the USA international defender reacted angrily because of the tackle by putting his hand around Ibra’s neck and it took several players to finally separated the two players.

Considering the fact that there were fans witnessing and the players were difficult to separate for quite a while, Allegri decided to suspend the training session for a while until everything cools off. It would still be interesting to see what action would be taken by the Rossoneri’s management regarding the problem or whether it can really cost problems in the future for Milan considering a bust up between players can sometimes resulted in the departure of at least one of the troubled players.

Although the incident might not be as serious as many wouldn’t thought especially if Galliani’s statement that said both Ibra and Onyewu have made up is true, still is the fact that the bust did happened has actually put Milan’s harmony under questioned. However, the Rossoneri’s long record as a club with a strong Family Atmosphere should pretty much handle all of that issues so it wouldn’t effect the team’s performance on the field. Surely the prove of it can be directly witnessed next Sunday as the Italian giant travel to Bari in the league.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker