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Trezeguet Sidelined For One Month

Well I am sure it was only a matter of time, but David Trezeguet has met his old friend the injury bug once again.  And as I was saying can anyone really be surprised that Trezeguet went down with another injury?  I mean the guy spent more time last year in the medical facilities then he did on the pitch.

It is no slight on the French star (although he did win the award for Most Disappointing Player last season), but when you begin to hit your mid-thirties these types of things happen.  Go ask teammate Alessandro Del Piero?  Or Italian keeper Buffon?  These guys know just as well as anyone that once you get to a certain age it becomes harder and harder to have your body ready to go on a daily basis.

Soccer is a young man’s game, but even those guys get hurt too.  Go ask Cristiano Ronaldo about that.  But it seems that Trezeguet’s twenty plus goal seasons are a thing of the past.  First off, the striker can not play enough matches to score twenty goals and secondly the older and more banged up he gets the more likely he will see less and less minutes.

Of course Trezeguet is the Juventus leader right now with six goals on the year and he is on course for twenty goals by season end, but that was barring no significant injuries.  It seems with a month long calf injury from a training session that the star could miss at least ten matches this season.

That is if he doesn’t get hurt even worse down the road.