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Travolta Says to Socceroos, “You Better Shape Up”

Terl.And in celebrity news for the World Cup, I saw on yahoo.com that John Travolta had recently visited Australia’s national team, the Socceroos, before playing in their first match against Germany and the Battlefield Earth actor wished the underdog club luck by crooning one of his classic hit songs from the film Grease.  And you know Travolta made that film around thirty or forty years ago and let’s just say that the pipes were a little bit rusty since then.


The pro-scientology actor was recently in Hairspray and has been known to belt out a tune every once and a while, but it appeared the request of the old song was a bit too much for the actor’s current range.  And perhaps the poor performance may have been what shifted the tide for the Socceroos heading into their first match with Germany.  Of course the match-up was hurt by the fact that Germany is a far superior team to the Socceroos and has advanced past the first round nearly every single World Cup experience; whereas the Aussies have last Cup as their only significant run. 

But following a 4-0 thrashing can the underdogs fight back against a tough Ghana squad?  The African nation did beat Serbia last round that in turn beat Germany yesterday, so if the Socceroos were to win today it would completely shake up Group D. 

But for that to happen following such an abysmal effort in their first match would be a bit of a surprise, but you never know what celebrity the team might have up their sleeve to motivate them this time around.

Let’s just hope Travolta doesn’t reenact any scenes from Hairspray in the locker room.

Creative Commons License photo credit: stefernie