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Tragedy for Morosini Postponed Serie A


Tragic day arrives in Italian football as Livorno(Serie B team) ‘s player, Piermario Morosini, passed away after collapsing on the pitch in another heart illness problem, which has been acquiring in football recently.

Acknowledging the tragedy as an ‘uncommon situation’ Italian Football Federation (FIGC) decided to postpone every Serie A including all remaining Serie B matches this weekend, to give a respect for Morosini.

This situation obviously forced two Serie A games, Ac Milan v Genoa and Udinese v Inter Milan, which are scheduled to play on Saturday got canceled out, despite that the first encounter is only minutes away from starting. However, all teams understood the situation and simply applauded the decision, especially Udinese, who are actually the actual club for Morosini, as his status at Livorno is merely a loan player.

Morosini, passed out on the pitch, during Livorno’s match against Pescara this Saturday and was taken to hospital before eventually passed away on his arrival to the local hospital. It’s a tragic thing indeed for the player and football itself as this problem have been continuously occurring in recent years, staging some questions on the need of a much more in depth health check up for every footballers, to avoid such situation happening on the pitch again.

Although suspending all the match might not be a popular decision for some, but it’s obviously for the best considering the fact that fellow players might be affected with Morosoni’s incident, since he didn’t make it alive. Previously a similar situation happened in England, involving Bolton Wanderers’ player, Fabrice Muamba, who fortunately still manage to stay alive despite collapsing on the pitch and looked worrying for quite a while.

Meanwhile, not long ago, Ac Milan also had a problem with Antonio Cassano, who also suffered a minor heart attack during the team’s flight home from their Serie A match against As Roma. Another fortunate thing, Cassano not only managed to survive but he is already fit again to play football and already had short comeback in the Rossoneri’s match against Fiorentina couple of weeks later.