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Toure Signs Staggering Deal With Manchester City

Manchester City really do live in a different financial world than any other Premier League team. According to the News of the World, Man City have made made Yaya Toure the highest earning Premier League player in history.

City finally completed the deal with Barcelona last week for Toure, after both clubs agreed on a transfer fee of around £24 million. On top of that, City signed Toure to a five-year-deal worth a staggering £55.6m.

So Yaya Toure, a defensive midfield player, will cost Manchester City £79.6million over the next five seasons!

Toure’s wages of £185,000 a week before tax will easily be the highest in the Premier League. Keep in mind that the £185,000 a week is before tax. Once you calculate in the Government’s 50% tax bracket. City will actually be paying Toure about £221,000 a week!

But that is just his basic wage package. On top of that Toure will also receive an image rights payment of £1.65m a year plus an additional £823,000 bonus each time City qualify for the Champions League. Toure will also collect a £412,000 bonus should he win the Champions League with City whilst there are also additional bonuses for winning the Premier League and FA Cup – all tax-free.

Simply amazing!!

Toure is City’s third summer signing so far after David Silva signed from Valencia for £24m and the £11m capture of Hamburg defender Jerome Boateng. The club are also reportedly still aiming to complete a £25m deal to buy England midfielder James Milner from Aston Villa later this week.