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Tough Times In Serie A

Has any major European football league had to overcome as many obstacles as Serie A has recently? Not only was the league put into negative light in 2006 for a match fixing scandal that involved several well respected powerhouse clubs, but in the last few years the majority of clubs owners have suffered critical losses in debt and fans are slowing attending less and less matches due to the floundering economic times that exist across the globe. And for a league that many critics believe has begun to lose its luster, now the players will reportedly strike in a few weeks time.

And as David Wilson states in the below article, Serie A has endured this type of thing before in 1996 and it will likely endure this current dilemma, but at what cost is the question? As I said in the introduction Serie A is becoming less significant as a league whole compared to several other major European leagues and many debt-riddled clubs have been forced to sell stars due to their tough economic status at the moment. And although many star players have recently joined the league (including Robinho and Ibrahimovic) it appears that the league and it’s players have reached a momentary discord regarding many important issues that need to be discussed.

It appears the players have grown tired with their management regarding the ability to be transferred out of their club during their last year of being under contract and both sides of the debate have a valid point. From the player’s perspective being under contract means that they have committed to their league side for a certain period of time and expect the management to remain loyal to this contract and allow the player to fulfill his time with the club. And from the owner’s perspective they are merely attempting to turn a profit off of a potential free agent that would likely leave anyway. The players want this ruling to change and the league owners are trying to figure out ways of keeping some of their sides afloat.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the upcoming strike, it appears that Serie A will be suffering yet another tremendous setback sometime soon. And a lack of football being played is a bad thing for everyone involved. Hopefully the players will soon realize this notion and respect their current contracts. Because if the two parties cannot settle these differences soon then the entire league will lose as a whole.