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Tough Day for Hosting Nation

Tee Off  11 June 2010It appears that the vuvuzela horns have finally been silenced.

Not because FIFA stepped in and confiscated the annoying instruments, but because of Bafana Bafana’s unfortunate performance earlier today against Uruguay.  The hosting nation struggled to find any positive pace over the course of the 90 minute match and following a late penalty that saw their keeper sent off for a rough tackle, the match and the tournament was likely over for the African squad in a matter of moments.

The score was already 1-0 heading into the red card worthy play and after Forlan buried the penalty (his second goal of the day following a long, richoched, bending shot from outside the box) and put the Sky Blue squad up two goals with less then ten minutes left in the match.  Uruguay proved their dominance over the under maned Bafana Bafana by adding one more goal to seal the victory in extra time and put the South American squad in strong goal differential position for the remaining match; whereas South Africa would need a huge offensive performance in their final match to seek any consideration for a second round berth.

The deficit will more then likely be too much for the hosting nation to overcome and unfortunately the side looks to be the first hosting nation in World Cup history to fail to qualify for the second round of play.  Their final match against France will obviously be a tough one and goals will be hard to come by against such a defensive minded scheme as Domenich’s.  Anything is possible, but following France-Mexico tomorrow it will likely mean South Africa is the lone team in last place and will need a huge victory and some help from Uruguay over Mexico to advance.

In other words it appears the horns have been silenced for good.  But then again this might just make them even louder! 

Creative Commons License photo credit: Frames-of-Mind