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Totti’s Return to Azzurri is On the Cards

Francesco TottiFrancesco Totti might actually leave his national team’s retirement seat for the upcoming Euro 2012 especially after knowing that Azzurri’s coach, Cesare Prandelli, is opening the chance for the Roma talisman’s return.

Answering Prandelli’s statement, Totti himself stated that he won’t mind playing for Italy again but he insist that the decision will only be made in May as he wants to know his condition at that month.

Although still asking for more time before considering a return to Gli Azzurri, Totti revealed his gratitude over Prandelli’s words as it means that the tactician gives lots of care of the captain’s performances. The 2006 World Cup winner has started to show improvement in his performance, carrying Roma into achieving several victories recently, simply becoming one of their important assets on the pitch, despite receiving lots of criticism earlier in the season.

“Would I return to La Nazionale? Never say never. Let’s see how I am in May, I’m glad that a Coach like Prandelli would take me into account. I have always said that I have had a good relationship with him, even if I have worked only a week or so under him,” Totti stated. “He has done great things with the national team. If I arrive in May in this condition, I will consider it. The main thing is to be professional to the end.”

Earlier, Prandelli revealed that Totti is among the players that he is considering for the upcoming Euro especially since they’re currently having some crisis in the striking department with the long term injury for Antonio Cassano and Giuseppe Rossi. The two players were the ex-Fiorentina’s coach main choice to lead the national team front line and without them, the Azzurri would obviously need a creative attacker as all other options left are classic center forwards.

“At the end of the season we will evaluate the physical condition of the players, We started the campaign with a project and if there are players with great character in good shape then they will be taken into consideration. Does that include Totti? Why not, if he’s in good shape,” Prandelli stated.

Totti actually has vowed to retire from the Italian national team right after they won the 2006 World Cup but recently changed his commitment by stating that he won’t mind playing again for the Azzurri should the coach needs his help. The Roma’s captain is not that young anymore but should he manage to keep his current condition, he could be used at least as a special weapon for Prandelli’s side in the upcoming Euro, considering his creativity up front.


Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship