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Totti’s Doubtful Future

Francesco TottiThis season hasn’t seem to be a bright one for As Roma talismanic captain, Francesco Totti, who hasn’t been featured as much as he usually does in the capital club’s previous season in Serie A due to his decreasing form.

However, this kind of condition reportedly isn’t something that the player can really accept especially since his strong attachment with the club as he has been touted as the Giallorossi’s symbol for the past few years.

Totti’s disappointment reportedly could turn into something sensational as according to Italian press, the captain might consider of leaving the capital club especially after his bad relationship with Roma’s coach, Claudio Ranieri, gets worse after the last game against Sampdoria. The former Italian international also stated that at the moment he is sad with the current situation as the skipper also reflects on Ranieri’s decision to field him at injury as a useless exercise for him.

“A future beyond Roma? Let’s think about the present, then we’ll see. I can confirm what I said a few days ago: I am sad only when I step into the Trigoria training ground. Outside, I’m perfectly fine, Totti said.

Despite isnt enjoying the treatment he currently receives, Totti admitted that he still talks with important people at the club and discussed about the current situation even to Ranieri, who reportedly hasn’t always in the same wavelenght as the captain in recent times. It’s surely a difficult time for the talismanic skipper, who has been an important act for the club in the last few years, to discover that he might not be an important player anymore at the club that he has served pretty much his whole professional footballing career.

“I accept everything, as I am at the disposal of the club and the Coach. I spoke to directors (Gian Paolo) Montali, (Bruno) Conti and (Daniele) Pradè before talking to Ranieri,” Totti added. “We had a general discussion on everything that has happened. It is important to have someone behind your back who supports you.”

Afraid that Totti’s case could interrupt the team and fans’ conditions, Roma’s president, Rossella Sensi, shout out his opinion regarding the captain’s disappointment by stating that at the moment the competition for a place in the line up is a necessary thing for the club. Sensi believes that this condition should actually motivates the Giallorossi’s number 10 to regain his old self and help the capital club in getting better results in the second half of the season.

“We must protect the consistency of Roma through our actions, words and behaviour. I know Francesco is better than he is often represented in the media, which is why I’m certain from tomorrow he’ll be the key figure in the second half of the season to take Roma to the top,” Sensi said.

However, if the conditions remains the same there’s pretty much a possibility that Totti could call out his playing days and take the director job in Roma sooner than expected especially if the captain can’t accept the fact he isn’t a guaranteed starter anymore in the club. His love for the club might pretty much blocked his wish of playing for another team but his his ego could be the one that will make him feel that if he is not essential in the field, it’s probably better to call it a day.
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