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Totti Unwisely Speaks His Mind

Francesco TottiFrancesco Totti recently made a few controversial statements regarding Serie A’s officiating and the former World Cup champion expressed his lack of trust for the league’s officials and hinted that not much had changed since the 2006 max fixing scandal that saw several teams severely punished for the following season‘s action.

Totti believes that Inter Milan gets the officiating edge from the league when the two side’s face off. And the Italian legend and Roma man made this statement regarding the potential corruption in the Italian league and their alleged favoritism for Inter Milan and other powerhouse squads:

Maybe others are stronger, but they have always been granted favors. We have been robbed of two titles. Only the colors have changed (since the max fixing scandal in 2006). There’s always a lack of whistles being blown, the problem is that the others are stronger but they’re also safeguarded from everything. There’s always mistakes, then you always try to think that things are done in good faith. We need to have cameras, we need to do something, but then things would be different in the title and that’s why they won’t put them in.

And Totti has every right to speak his mind, but Serie A also has every right to suspend the forward indefinitely for publicly making such a bold and critical statement. And add on the fact that the last time Totti played against Inter Milan he committed one of the dirtiest fouls of recent memory when he brutally kicked Balotelli in the family jewels and was rightfully red carded for the incident.

I guess Totti thinks that was a bad call too? The truth is Totti might be right that there is a favoritism towards the league giants and he also might be wrong. Jose Mourinho claimed that the league had handcuffed his team last year because they had too great a lead, so I guess everyone thinks their team has it worst off.

But consequences will be had for Totti’s foul tongue. And the Italian Football Federations decision looms on Totti’s fate. The organization made this statement regarding Totti’s pour judgment in challenging the league:

The Giallorossi player expressed, in the judgment of the federal prosecutor, ‘opinions damaging the prestige, reputation and credibility of the referee, federal institutions as a whole and a club operating within the FIGC.

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship