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Totti Should Be Suspended, Now

Francesco TottiRoma star Francesco Totti will be forced to sit out four Coppa Italia matches due to that brutal kick that he gave Mario Balotelli in the final.  Roma went on to lose 1-0.

Totti lucked out in one Yank’s opinion and such a maneuver should warrant an instant suspension despite being done in a Cup rather than in league play.  I realize that these Cups and the league are different and therefore have different rules, but when an act is done as blatant as Totti’s kick an instant suspension is the only way of truly showing the athlete that their behavior will not be tolerated.

Totti took advantage of the situation last weekend and scored two goals in a close victory for his Roma side keeping them neck and neck in the race for first place.  But the part of the suspension that is the strangest is the fact that it is only for four matches.  Isn’t that the same amount as Mourinho’s handcuff gesture earlier in the year?

Don’t get me wrong.  Mourinho can be obnoxious at times and he did make a critical statement about the league when he made the gesture, but what Totti did on the pitch was inexcusable and the prison roles style in which he kicked a defenseless Balotelli was unwarranted.

Totti is a legend and perhaps much like the Michael Jordan push off or the Greg Maddux generous strike zone, he is the benefactor of his own greatness.

But a quicker process of suspension should be used in such deliberate cases.

      Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship