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Totti Retaliates Plan to Quit Roma

Receiving another criticism after failing to lead As Roma beating Juventus last Monday, Francesco Totti once again retaliated his thread of quiting the capital club especially if he is no longer needed by the Giallorossi.

The talismanic skipper stated that statement during his club’s Christmas party, saying to the press that should he is being considered a burden for Luis Enrique’s team than quiting is something that Totti won’t mind doing.

“Yes, I have been thinking about that(quitting), especially recently. If things continue this way, then I will continue to reflect on that option. If someone thinks I’m the problem, then I can step aside. I am not referring to the Coach, the club or teammates, but rather to a few fans,” Totti said.

The Totti’s sage has pretty much started fiercely from the summer after reports claimed he has an issue with Enrique, who often benched the captain in several games in the early part of this season. However, things were improving again when the veteran super star started to see the field again as Roma apparently still missing the skipper’s vision and influence on the pitch, following several poor performances earlier on.

Totti than picked up an injury which forced him to rest for several matches and his return against Juventus on Monday was actually pretty positive before the captain missed a penalty kick and wasted several goal scoring chances in the last few minutes of the second half. Reports from Italy claimed that some fans are disappointed with their legend’s failure on that game and once again believed that it’s time for the talismanic skipper to retire from the capital club.

Considering Luis Enrique’s fondness over younger players, seeing Totti stepping away from Roma by the end of this season is very possible, especially if the player can’t provide an influential performances again for his club. However, in truth, the captain is still very much needed for the Giallorossi’s this season as he is still the only player that provide something special on the pitch for Roma, despite already showing a decline mainly in his physical aspects.