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Totti Plays Down Roma’s Scudetto Chances

Francesco TottiDefeating the current Serie A league leader, Ac Milan, does lift up As Roma’s confidence joining the title race to win the Scudetto this season, however their talismanic captain, Francesco Totti isn’t to keen in talking about their chances in this early stage.

The veteran player seems still disappointed with Roma’s last few close call in winning the title where they managed to battle until the last day of the season before left disappointed in the end.

“I would prefer not to talk about the Scudetto,It’s still too soon and it brings bad luck,” Totti stated” We have always fought right until the end for the Scudetto in recent years only to be left disappointed.”

The captain also stated that despite being delighted in winning against the Rossoneri last weekend, the season is still very long and results so far also seen that Roma haven’t been consistent enough as they ofter get good results against big teams but stumble against others. This what probably Totti had in mind as previous victories against Inter Milan and Lazio also didn’t brought any stability to the Giallorossi’s performances this season as they are still fifth in the league standing.

“Sure, it’s great to have won at Milan’s home ground – that of the League leaders – but even if the wheel seems to have turned in our favour, there is still a long way to go,” Totti said.

Surely the victory could stimulate Roma’s confidence just as Juventus did after defeating the Rossoneri sometimes ago, however still the challenge is there considering the fact that the capital side didn’t really outplayed Milan on their victorious night. Getting results without dominating the match can’t really confirmed that the Giallorossi is stronger than Massimiliano Allegri side as the thing that usually won the competition is being consistent in getting results aside from doing well in big games.

So far Roma’s consistency haven’t been up to the highest standard as they still fail to get points against some smaller teams, although the capital club usually gets a good run in the second half of the season but the appointment they had in the Champions League could once again troubled them. However, should they manage to minimize the injuries and probably get some reinforcement to stack up their squad depth than the capital club can count themselves as strong candidates to win the Scudetto.

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship