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Totti Gets Knocked Down, But He Gets Up Again

Francesco Totti pulled a Chumbawamba maneuver last weekend and was knocked down in his battle against surprising top six squad Parma.  But like the one hit wonder song, Tubthumping, states He Got Up Again and You’re Never Gonna Keep Totti Down.  Well those aren’t the exact lyrics, but I modified them a little bit to make a point (and also to put that terrible song in your head).

Totti went down in the second half of the match with what appeared to be a serious knee injury.  In fact it was apparently serious enough that the squad immediately sent the striker to the hospital for further review.  But while at the hospital after the match, it was discovered that the knee injury has nothing to do with the previous tear that Totti endured earlier in the year.  Totti may have been knocked down by Parma, but he got up again in the hospital hours later and is expected to make a full recovery before the re-start of the year following the winter break.

And Roma is playing some brilliant football recently and they have become a top four squad following their 2-0 victory over Parma last weekend.  And after a dismal start to the year the pereniall powerhouse proved to be exactly that.  No one (besides Inter) matches there last two months of play in the Italian top level and the squad that was once in the relegation zone is now a contender for the league title.    

And with Totti’s knee not being serious their chances of accomplishing the league title just became that much more realistic.