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Totti Believes In Montella

Francesco TottiHaving a current revelation in this second part of season under the guidance of his former teammates, Vincenzo Montella, As Roma’s talismanic captain, Francesco Totti, has grown trust towards the young tactician and even back him to continue his work next summer.

Totti acknowledged that with a new owner, Montella’s future is uncertain considering that his ex-teammate is being brought into the club merely as a caretaker, but with the good job his been doing, the club’s captain believed that there’s a bright future ahead for the ex-Roma and Sampdoria striker.

“In this period I often ask myself about Montella. I am very happy with him and I have always said that, for me, he will become a great tactician. The decisions about the future of the job are up to the new owner, but obviously, if they were to choose him, we in the team would all be very happy,” Totti wrote on his website.

Already having an official new owner, Montella’s coaching career is obviously at stake next season especially if the capital club fails to reach their target in reaching getting the Champions League ticket.
However, with Totti’s support, there could still be a future for the young tactician because the Giallorossi’s captain is known as an influential figure at the capital club that might be listened by the new owner.

Montella himself is eager to keep his job despite the strong rumors that the club’s new owner, Thomas Di Benedetto is eying a more experience coach to lead the Giallorossi next season. Current Chelsea coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has been the most talked about candidates that Di Benedetto lines up to become the main man behind Ill Lupi’s bench in the summer.

Previously, Totti himself has actually supported the possibility of having Ancelotti in coaching Roma in the future as the talismanic captain said he wanted to be coached by the ex-Ac Milan tactician soon. However, it seems that the captain won’t mind if Montella continue his work in the summer, especially since Totti has simply improved his form after his ex-teammate took over the reign from Claudio Ranieri, earlier this year.

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship