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Tottenham interested in Lassana Diarra

Barclay’s Premier League club, Tottenham, has been strongly linked with bringing in Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid and Redknapp even went on to admit his interest in Diarra but has also stated that the price Madrid are asking for maybe a bit to much for the Spurs. With Madrid looking at a permanent transfer fee of around £8.5 million, it will not be easy for Tottenham to acquire his services and both sides will have to try and reach an agreement.

The obvious choice for Madrid is too off-load Diarra after bringing in a boat-load of players which included the likes of Mesut Ozil, Sami Kedira and even Angel Di Maria but the question is for how much?

Tottenham is already the front runners in acquiring Diarra from Los Blancos but with the price set a little to high for the English club, Redknapp admits that his price tag is definitely the biggest problem at the moment.

“I like Diarra. I signed him and had him at Portsmouth, but it would be a difficult one, financially for us. He’s on big, big wages at Real Madrid. We haven’t made an approach but I think his agent has rung up and spoken to my chief scout but it’s not gone any further than that. If they do want to get rid of him it would be difficult to do a deal.”

Harry Redknapp knows that Diarra can be the type of player that will fit Tottenham well as he had coached him while at Portsmouth in 2008 but with this much money that Madrid is asking for, it’s unlikely that he will be making his way to the EPL club. Both sides are still trying to come up with a agreement as Redknapp is trying to set a price that will be comfortable for both sides. Real Madrid have no reason not to sell Diarra with all their new acquisitions, so for them it’s just about how much would they are willing to lower the price.

Think Portsmouth will be able to sign Diarra or will Madrid just wait for other offers ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.