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Torres Move To PSG Interesting, But Won’t Happen

Very interesting news emerging from Paris. PSG Coach Carlo Ancelotti is claiming that he has been offered Chelsea striker Fernando Torres. Of course Chelsea have maintained that Torres is not for sale so there is a very high likelihood that the deal won’t go through.

That said, with notable Chelsea strikers Drogba and Kalou having linked up with their national side for the African Cup of Nations, Torres has been gifted the perfect opportunity to prove himself.

Meanwhile, Speaking to Gazetta dello Sport, Ancelotti revealed that he had a lot of players to pick from in this transfer window, Torres being one of them.

“There is a lot of choice for this January market,” Ancelotti said.

“Do you want the names? Ok, now I tell you the players the agents are offering on the market, officially or not: Tevez, Torres, Berbatov, [Roman] Pavlyuchenko, [Edinson] Cavani, [Fernando] Llorente.”

So PSG becomes the latest team to fall into the wealth from the middle east, however, can they really attract some of the biggest players to the Ligue 1? I highly doubt it.

No, disrespect to the French league, but the truth is they still have to go a long way to reach the likes of the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or even the German Bundesliga.

Ancelotti went on to say that Torres arrival at Stamford Bridge should have coincided with Drogba’s exist.

“If you decide to invest on Torres, you have to sell Drogba. He’s like [Filippo] Inzaghi, he tends to devour whoever competes with him. He’s not bad, but this is his personality.”

Of course it is looking more and more likely that Drogba could leave Chelsea at the end of the season when his contract runs out. Drogba who is now 33, rejected Chelsea’s offer of a 1 year contract extension as he is believed to be more interested in a 2 year deal.

Chelsea are in a very thorny issue and matters are only made worse with them struggling to assert themselves against the the top 3.

Chelsea assistant coach Steve Holland on the other hand believes that it is only a matter of time before things change. According to Holland, Torres could be back to goal scoring ways faster than most people anticipated.

“Fernando is working very hard at his finishing. We do a lot of finishing as part of the sessions anyway but he [Torres] is doing extra at the end of every session during the week,” he said.

“His finishing is looking very good in training, the ball is flying in. I have personally spent some time with him on making sure [he’s in the right position].

Photo Credit © Anuvrat