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Toronto Hires Carver as New Head Coach

Though we are still over a month away from the first game, MLS had its first sacking of a coach last week as Tortonto FC replaced Mo Johnston with John Carver.

However, Toronto’s move was not motivated by unhappiness with Johnston’s performance. Actually, even though Johnston is losing his duties regarding managing the team on the pitch, his responsibilities are actually increasing when it comes to the club’s day-to-day management.

So no, Mo is not leaving Toronto. In fact, it’s more like he’s simply moving upstairs. Johnston will now serve as the “Manager and Director of Soccer” while Carver will serve as head coach. The two men pledged that they will collaborate on decisions regarding personnel decisions.

Johnston has asserted that Carver should be a nice fit for Toronto. Carver previously has served stints as an assistant manager with Newcastle United, Leeds United and Luton Town.

The Toronto front office stated that the move was motivated by their desire to mimic the management structures of Europe’s top clubs. Under the new scenario, Johnston will have more time to focus on player acquisition while Carver can worry about player development.

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