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Top Ten Richest Football Players In 2008

After searching and searching for information on the richest footballers, I finally came up with this list. The amazing thing about it is that it contains 3 Brazilians, 3 Britons, an Argentinean, 1 Portuguese, and 1 German and no players of African or Asian decent.

David Beckham is by far the richest footballer but I personally feel that either Kaka or Ronaldinho should top the list. Why? Because they are outstanding. So without further delay here is the breakdown:

  1. David Beckham 24.7 million Pounds ($49.4m)

  2. Ronaldinho 19.2 million Pounds ($38.4m)

  3. Lionel Messi 18.3 million Pounds ($36.6m)

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo 15.5 million Pounds ($31m)

  5. Thierry Henry 13.4 million Pounds ($26. 8m)

  6. John Terry 11.08 million Pounds ($22.16m)

  7. Michael Ballack 11 million Pounds ($22m)

  8. Ronaldo 10.6 million Pounds ($21.2m)

  9. Kaka 10.2 million Pounds ($20.4m)

  10. Steven Gerrard 10 million Pounds ($20m)