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Toni says, “I Want Roma”

Taking photos at Vatican Museum. Ferragosto 2008
Creative Commons License photo credit: Perrimoon

Luca Toni has made up his mind about his near future and he wants the world to know where he wants to go.  The squad is AS Roma and can you blame Toni?

If Toni is able to release himself from the clutches of Bayern Munich’s reserve team, then the Italian giant can possibly reintroduce himself to the Italian national squad roster and have a chance to play in South Africa this summer.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Toni knows that for such a thing to happen this summer he needs to showcase his skills as soon as possible for an Italian powerhouse and Roma seems to be the perfect fit for the national team member from last Cup’s championship roster.

And much like a small child, the plus six footer is quite repetitive in his desire to leave Germany and start anew in Italy with Roma specifically.  Here is what Toni had to say regarding the potential move back to his homeland:

 Even clearer: I won’t consider any club apart from Roma. I want to wear the Giallorossi shirt. Those who have to know already know that I have made my decision and I won’t go back on it. Now it’s up to the club, to my agent, to close this deal. It’s in a very delicate phase, but I have chosen Roma.  I only want to play, I’m not thinking about anything else. And I want to do so at Roma. I hope my presentation with the Roma shirt happens soon but this is the most important moment in the whole deal. The only thing I can say is that I have chosen Roma and I can repeat that a thousand times.

Roma, Roma, Roma.  We get Toni.  Not Juventus, Inter, Fiorentina, or anywhere else.  Roma is the final answer. 

Good thing there isn’t a drinking game that required you to drink every time Toni said Roma.  Or else all of Italy would be hammered right now.