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Toni Hopes To Return Home Soon

A few months back every columnist that covers Serie A football was questioning the future of the league.  With many teams in great debt and with many stars bolting for the door, many critics were saying their farewell to one of the most historic leagues in all of the world.  Many thought that with debts piling up and stars looking elsewhere that Italian football had simply become a transfer league for many of the world’s best players to exit. 

Well I didn’t buy into this philosophy completely for a variety of reasons, but one major point especially.  How can one of the best nations in the world in football not have a good football league?  It makes no sense.  With all the Italian talent out there Serie A will always be relevant. 

Sure many players that were born in Italy have moved to other leagues, but many star players that previously left are looking for a return back to the place that they have respected all their lives.  One of these footballers is the legendary Luca Toni.

Luca Toni is well known in Italy for being a valuable member of the most recent World Cup.  A giant on the pitch, Toni is ideal for corner kicks and crosses into the box.  The Italian star is currently with German powerhouse Bayern, but due to a lack of significant playing time Toni is beginning to look for more minutes back in his favourite league growing up.

The two clubs interested in the star are AC Milan and Napoli.  Toni has voiced serious interest in playing for Napoli and the star will more then likely become a part of Serie A in January of next year.