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Toni Claims Mutu is Boloney

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Creative Commons License photo credit: bucklava

Roma forward Luca Toni might just have arrived back to his homeland and former league, but the giant Italian forward isn’t afraid to speak his mind about former teammates stupid decision making skills that as a result has banned them from Serie A competetion.  Toni recently expressed his shock that his former teammate, Adrian Mutu of Fiorentina, failed two drug tests last month for using a banned dietary supplement.   Toni went as far as to call the actions done by Mutu as stupid. 

Here is what Toni told Italian newspaper Il Messaggero regarding the pending case:

It is inexplicable.  It’s incredible. He has no reason to lose weight and I ask myself how come he took that drug. It’s stupid to throw away everything just like that.  We know there are anti-doping controls done and that we cannot take anything that is banned. It’s like going at 150km against a wall, you may escape unharmed but the likelihood is that you risk getting hurt.

Well I don’t know if the whole ramming into a wall in a speeding vehicle analogy is a fair one, but Toni is right that it is a risk Mutu never should have taken.  Here is a guy that owes Chelsea millions of dollars and he does this?  Mutu will likely suffer severe consequences for his actions and will miss at least the remainder of this season if not several more down the road plus the possibility of being sued once again, this time by Fiorentina.

Toni, on the other hand, is expected back in a few weeks and will likely miss less time then originally diagnosed.