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Togo Keeper Obilale Receives Helping Hand From Blatter & FIFA

In the darkest hour of the sport of soccer this calender year, Togo national team keeper Kodjovi Obilale lay face down on the floor of his team’s travel coach bleeding from multiple gun shot wounds to his back as bullets continued to whiz through the windows of the team’s bus.

The Togo national team was on a trip to the African Cup of Nations and we all have heard of the tragedy those players faced. Multiple people were shot and the bus driver and an assistant coach were killed by the barrage of bullets that flew into both of the buses as they peacefully made their road trip to the tournament.

And out of all the men that survived the trip Obilale was the footballer that saw his career likely end.

The keeper has been rehabilitating the terrible injury in a hospital bed for the past seven months and his professional football career is a far cry from happening ever again. Obilale cannot walk yet and has no feeling or movement in one of his legs below the knee and the same goes for both of the twenty five year old’s feet.  

The Togo football federation stepped up and gave the keeper $70,000 for his victimized role in the terrible incident and FIFA and president Sepp Blatter recently acknowledged the keepers struggles by also giving him $25,000. But considering Obilale has been in a hospital for nearly a calender year, I’d say that $100,000 dollars will only help out for a short period of time. Obilale will likely never fully recover from the incident and he also likely has piled up over $100,000 dollars in medical bills alone. Not to mention the ongoing rehab the keeper will need to receive along with him likely having to move to a facility in which the non-walking keeper can properly live once he gets out of the hospital.

Obilale made the following critical statement regarding the donation from FIFA although the twenty five year old was thankful for the “kind” gift:

FIFA’s money is kind, but if I was famous player like Didier Drogba and others, I don’t think things would have happened like this. I find it a bit abhorrent and sickening that they have abandoned me.