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This Weekend Features: Forlan VS Villa

Walking carefully
Creative Commons License photo credit: obscure allusion

Two of the best strikers in the Spanish league face-off this weekend (3PM on Sunday) as Diego Forlan’s Atletico Madrid play host to David Villa’s Valencia squad.  And Forlan is having a bit of a down season having only scored a measly 10 goals compared to Villa’s 17, but keep in mind that both of these guys are in that rare caliber of being 30 plus goal gamebreakers.  And does it get any better then this in European football?

It is match-ups like this one that is what makes sports great to watch.  Atletico has struggled to find any form of consistency this season, but the club does have a few things in their favor heading into the match.  First off the home field advantage is always an obvious advantage and the club will be happy to take it over a top four club.  Secondly, the club when they were struggling earlier in the year managed to tie the squad 2-2, so they know that they can play with Villa in company.

They key though will be offense for Atletico.  They do not have a great defense and allowing a goal to Villa and Silva is all but a guarantee.  After all Villa scored twice just last weekend to beat Getafe 2-1.  But Forlan needs to play at the same level as Villa and keep the match even.  This one will likely have four or five goals in it, the players on the pitch are that good. 

But in the end it is hard to bet against the squad that has consistently gotten it done over the last few months.  Even if they are not the home club.