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Things are Looking Good for Spain

Spain’s World Cup hopes are looking very bright right now.  In fact everything involving the national squad couldn’t be much better at the moment.  Spain is considered the strongest club in the world according to FIFA’s latest rankings and the club is proving this judgment to be right with excellent play in the World Cup qualifiers. 

Spain, as recently reported on our sister site PLTO, is one of the few undefeated squads left in the European group.  Out of over fifty squads in the group Spain, England, and the Netherlands are the only three with a perfect record.  And this Wednesday Spain looks to remain perfect with a win over Estonia.  If  Spain wins over Estonia (which they should) and second-place squad Bosnia-Herzegovina fails to beat Turkey at home then Spain will officially be a member of the 2010 World Cup. 

Bosnia is the only club in the group with a chance of passing Spain, but if Spain continues to win then, obviously, they cannot be caught by any club.  And perhaps one of the most overlooked issues to any World Cup is how challenging it really is to make it into the actual tournament.  Often fans will complain about the disappointing showing their country had in the tournament not realizing how many good squads are already sitting at home.

Argentina, Portugal, and France are just a few of the many excellent teams that may not be playing in the World Cup this summer.  That means the door is open for many surprising squads to shock the world. 

But if some 0f La Liga’s finest players (Messi, Ronaldo, Henry) do not make the tournament; then the LLTO Commish proposes a pickup game in my backyard.