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Thiago Silva Explains Why He Stayed With Milan Over Madrid

Thiago Silva is by many football critics accounts one of the best defenders in the world. The Brazilian-born World Cup final squad member is often considered one of the most fearless footballers on the pitch, but it was his fear of displeasing his own wife that kept him with his Serie A squad of AC Milan this season.  

Silva told Corriere dello Sport that it was the old ball and chain that convinced him not to join Jose Mourinho in Spain and the AC Milan man certainly made it sound as if he would not have minded the switch this summer:

It was my wife who said no to Madrid. She prefers Milan to Madrid. I like Milan too and so does my son. There were other opportunities. Before Milan, Inter got in touch, but then I never heard from anyone and so I joined Milan.

I hope to stay as long as possible. I would have no problems playing until I am 40 like Maldini. I owe plenty to [Paolo] Maldini and Sandro [Nesta]. They have been exceptional with me. Playing with Nesta makes me better. As for Maldini, he has always been an example.

The happiness of a spouse is always an underrated part of any deal. Plenty of examples of South American players playing in bitterly cold England have gone sour due to the unhappiness of the family and the player’s private life and often the more cherished cities in the world host some of the best teams especially in Spain or Italy.

I still find it funny that a professional footballer would announce such a thing because as I suggested earlier, it sounds as if Silva signed with Milan out of convenience and stayed there because of his wife rather then his love for the organization. I suppose athletes have to consider many things about transfers that we fans never do, but the wife factor can win a championship or cost a club a season in the modern day transfer market.