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They Did It!!!

Sevilla pulled out a 2-1 victory against Real Madrid in a win that I knew would have seasons unfolding and they certainly are.  Real Madrid suffered its first defeat to fall from the ranks of the unbeaten and Sevilla pulled to 5-1 (and now they now hold the same record as Madrid.)

A pair of headers was all it took to keep Real Madrid at bay and the smothering defense of Sevilla allowed only one gaol (to Pepe.) 

Let’s Have This Discussion

Don’t you find it funny (not like haha funny, but weird funy) that of all the high-priced people on Madrid’s side the one to score a goal was Pepe?  This guy doesn’t play for a National Squad, he apparently threw out some “less-than-friendly” language at some Getafe players earlier this year and now he’s the lone goal scorer in a loss to Sevilla where he’s on a team with Kaka and Benzema?  I don’t get it.

I was hoping some new face would come out of the woodwork and demand time from a Superstar (like Ronaldo) but it appears that Madrid’s club doesn’t have any emotional leaders on it besides Ronaldo and perhaps he’s not even an emotional leader, but he’s just better than everyone else.  I don’t know that that’s enough and I don’t know that that makes him worth the transfer fee it took to get him.

“Oh my gosh, how can you smear the good name of Ronaldo when he didn’t even play in the match?”  Exactly my point.  He didn’t play but you’d think there would be some kind of emotional energy coming from him even if he didn’t play.  Every picture I saw of the match the Madrid squad looked like they were at funeral (in black no less) and you mean to tell me that I can’t ask why he wasn’t pushing his team emotionally?  I find this to be interesting.

Can Real Madrid hold it together considering that they have NO emotional beacon on their squad?  They’re off until the 18th and that’s means they have 13 days to get it together.  I’m not saying you should push the panic button if you’re a fan of Real, but you should be concerned.  Teams that are supposed to be as good as Madrid is crush even resurgent opponents.

Meanwhile, Sevilla shouldn’t coast on this great win.  They have 3 winnable matches on the 18th, 20th and 25th and if they stay headstrong they’ll cruise onward and start making a case for “superpower” status in the Premier Division.