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There's Something About Cesc Fabregas

Remember the movie There’s Something About Mary?   If you haven’t seen the film it is about a guy that pines for his old high school love interest many years later.  His wish for a second chance with the potential love of his life is eventually granted and hilarity ensues. 

Well similar to that storyline Barcelona just can’t get over the fact that Cesc Fabregas is no longer in love with their La Liga squad.

You see much like a high school sweetheart there was once a time (long ago) that Cesc Fabregas was on schedule to be a Barcelona player and was in fact under contract with the team.  When Fabregas was a minor he played on the Barcelona junior squad, but the midfielder left Spain for England at the age of sixteen to study under Wenger at Arsenal.

Since then Fabregas has developed into one of the best midfielders in the game and Arsenal is currently in the mix for a chance at winning the Premier League title.  Fabregas is a huge part of the Gunners success which in the modern day makes him an even bigger target for squads like Barcelona to buy out.  And Barcelona is obviously enamored with the star player.

Multiple times over the last year Arsenal and Fabregas have claimed that they have no interest in any offers from the Spanish giant.  Fabregas has even expressed interest in a long term deal leaving him at Arsenal for the remainder of his competitive career.  Still though Barcelona keeps knocking at the door despite the fact they remain rejected.

And why not if your Barca?  You already have the best front line in the world so why not build up the midfield and allow transfers to trickle down the pitch until you have a super starting eleven.  If Fabregas went to Barca then the rest of the world’s football would be that more hurt. 

So for now lets see if Barcelona settles for a lesser known talent, but you never know what will happen these days…

Players can change their mind all the time.