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Theirry Henry Still Flying Under The Radar

When you commit the “handball heard round the world” in World  Cup Qualifiers that usually means that the media will be following you around for the next 12 months.  Well, Thierry Henry has returned to action for Barcelona by scoring a goal in a 4-0 beatdown of Racing.

Henry is one those “big name” players that gets endorsement deals for razor companies and the like, but lately he’s been pretty quiet.  Like I said, he committed the “handball heard around the world”, but after he apologized for it that was pretty much it.  I would have thought that he would stay in the news all the way into the World Cup, but a stint on the bench put him on the “back page” as it were.

Now that he’s been started again AND scored a goal Pep Guardiola says he expects ALOT more from Henry.  I’m not sure what the deal is there.  I believe Barca to be a well-run team, but there’s a problem when someone with so much talent is riding the bench.

Is this some kind of life-lesson that Pep was trying to teach Henry about waiting his turn?  If so, it worked.  Henry waited on the bench and then returned to action and scored.

I was leaning towards being mad at Pep for working with Henry in this way, but perhaps he knows exactly how to push Henry’s buttons.  If that’s the case then the button-pushing will probably continue all the way through the end of the season.

When you have a coach who can manipulate his players into getting exactly the performance he wants and THEN say he wants more…you know you’ve got a string leader at the helm.

Barca’s wise manager only adds to their power…a power that will probably win La Liga again this season.