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The World’s Best Keeper Resides in Serie A

It is one of those debates that no one will ever completely agree on.  Who is the world’s best goalie?  Before your head explodes from thinking too hard I will give you a good hint.  He plays in Serie A.  Okay I’ll admit that hint is kind of useless because this information was given to you prior to even reading the article in the title above.  So I will give you another, more informative hint.  He is not from Italy.

Now that I have fired a few of you up for my Buffon-bashing technique I will explain further.  The best keeper in the world (according to an important few) is none other then the man pictured above Julio Cesar of Inter and the Brazilian national team.  Blasphemy you scream.  Please let me explain.

Two very important people will backup this claim, one of which should not count because it is who then Dunga the Brazilian’s manager of the national squad.  But even if you want to remove people that are too close to the star and might favor him a little bit, he is still considered the best goalie by people who would never want to admit it.  One of these folks is Cesar’s rival in both Serie A and global matches and is who other than Mr. Buffon.

Buffon thinks Cesar is the best and his own coach thinks he is the best.  So does Cesar really have anyone else he needs to prove it to?  In fact he does.  The rest of the world still needs to know who Julio Cesar is.  This will take some time, but fortunately for Cesar he has plenty of it.  The four time Serie A champion recently inked a deal that will keep him with the Italian powerhouse until 2014. 

The club did this to assure not losing the star to the likes of Manchester United which was a good move for a great player.  Even Buffon agrees.