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The World Cup All-Time Best XI: Preview

The World Cup is the biggest sports event on the globe. That’s right. Bigger than the Super Bowl. Bigger than the Olympics. Bigger than the Fourth of the July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. It’s the cream of the crop. Why is it such a thrilling affair? Well, because it truly features the world’s greatest athletes more than those other events.

I am sure many of you are thinking that I am wrong here and that the Olympics features more talented athletes. Well, you’re wrong. To be an Olympian, you have to be good at only one thing. If you’re fast, you’re a sprinter. If you have great strength, you throw discus. If you you have amazing vision, you are an archer. If you’re lazy, you do curling. 

But, to become a soccer god at the World Cup, you have to combine speed, stength and vision. Many men have become legends at the World Cup, and I recently decided to compile an all-time Best XI squad from the stars from the 18 tournaments, which was a difficult task. To make the list, players had to meet the following criteria: 

  1. They had to perform great feats at the Cup;
  2. They had to put up some amazing stats; and
  3. They had to best their rivals and win it all (sorry NED heroes).

Now, I am sure many of you will disagree with my selections, so let me hear about it in the comments when you think I have erred. Until then, please keep coming back to SATO over the next two weeks to hear about the men who comprise my World Cup all-time Best XI squad.