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The Ways of the WAG

Tom Cruise, la pija y otros merengues de toda la vidaOften in these blogs I have discussed the potential distraction of the WAGS at the World Cup.  For those that have been living under a rock over the last decade WAGS are the Wives and Girlfriends of the famous footballers playing on the pitch this summer.  What qualifications does a lady need to have in order to be considered a WAG?  Well none other than she must be really hot and currently dating an active footballer.  

And WAGS are often a touchy subject when you discuss the World Cup because the stakes are so high for these players and their countries.  England manager Fabio Capello already put an embargo on the WAGS this fall due to the media distractions these gorgeous ladies bring to the player’s hotel and personal lives and several English players pointed the finger at the distraction last Cup in 2006.  But the embargo was lifted by Capello before the start of the Cup and the WAGS may roam wherever they want to this summer in South Africa. 

But the biggest tale of WAG distraction at the world Cup may have occurred a week or so back when Spain played in their first World Cup match against Switzerland.  Sara Carbonero, a sexy Spanish TV journalist and girlfriend of keeper Iker Casillas, was appointed the same goalpost area as her hubby and stood behind the net for the entire second half of the match reporting for her Spanish TV station.  Many papers have reported that the defensive lapse made by her boy toy (that cost them the match) was due to the distraction his superfine lady created by being so close to him during the competition.

Of course most people rule this theory out because A) Casillas is a professional player and not Pepe Le Pew and B) his back was turned to the hottie due to tending to the goal (or let’s hope it was).  The only truth at all in the report is that Sara Carbonero is really hot and a huge distraction on the sideline of any pitch she stands on at any sporting match.  You don’t have to be dating the journalist to be distracted by her beauty and the Erin Andrews of Spain would be just as much a distraction to the opposing players (who could see her behind the net while they shot the ball) and the fans watching the match at the stadium as much as it might have been for Casillas.

If Carbonero was a distraction then female sideline journalists would be banned from all pro sports and that means Tony Siragusa would have way too much work on his plate.  Although it is hard to imagine Siragusa haven’t too much of anything on his plate, don’t blame it on the WAG.

After all she can’t help being really, really pretty.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Piutus