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The War for Buffon Begins In England

pantheon, romeGianluigi Buffon is as valuable to the Italians as the Pantheon.  And he is still under contract with Juventus for three more seasons.  So why would one of Italy’s greatest treasures be leaving the Colosseum so early when he still has plenty of years still left in the tank?

Money of course.  Money talks as they say and apparently it has whispering sweet words to the Italian barricade and his struggling side Juventus.  The club failed to secure a top four berth this season and that means no Champions League next season.  That also means that some of the star players they desire to sign with the team might look to work elsewhere.  It also means that their coaching carousel is about to take another spin.  It also means that their own superstar keeper might be ready for a change.

When it come to loyalty Luigi Buffon is on the top of the list.  In 2006 when his club was caught in match fixing scandal, it was Buffon who stuck with the club and played his way back to the top from Serie B the next year.  Not too shabby considering he had just won the World Cup and his value had skyrocketed through the roof. 

But in the modern day loyalty is hard to find.  And transfer fees are a lot easier.

Buffon will likely leave for England this summer simply because both Manchester clubs seem willing to pay Monopoly type money to obtain the star.  In fact Buffon has laughed off reports of Man City claiming the club is inferior to the other big names.  That leaves Manchester United as the front runners to landing Buffon.   And although Buffon has claimed he is satisfied with remaining at Juventus, he did have this to say regarding the subject:

If I had to leave, I think England would be my destination.

It’s not much of a proclamation yet, but it is a small sign of things to come.  Usually when a player contemplates such a move that means it is a great possibility.

And it appears that Italy might lose one of their beloved national monuments this summer.

Let’s just hope the money is right for such a bold move.

Creative Commons License photo credit: stanrandom