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The Wacky Things These Footballers Say

Day 57 / 365 - refrigeratorI’ve always enjoyed reading the little section in Sports Illustrated titled “They Said It” where the popular magazine highlights one truly, ridiculous quote that some coach or athlete made in the last week.  Sometimes it is simply mind bottling what comes out of these athlete’s mouths.  Yankees legendary catcher Yogi Berra is famous for these idiot proof sayings, but in the modern day it has simply become too easy to catch an athlete acting like a fool.  In fact many of them, regrettably, Tweet their own foolish thoughts online just to assure that they will get themselves in trouble with the front office (Paul Pierce and Larry Johnson).    

But I came across one quote that was too good to pass up recently.  It is from Korea DPR national team footballer Choe Myong Ho and his thoughts on potentially owning a common household appliance, the refrigerator:

What is a refrigerator for?  It allows you to get cold drinks in the summer.  And if you do that you can catch a cold and not be able to train.

Choe, a former international player in Russia, made the comment to Russian newspaper Sport-Express when the columnists asked him why he didn’t own a TV or refrigerator.  To make the story even stranger Mr. Choe left the Russian side, Krylya Sovetov, following two years of service without saying a single word to anyone in the organization.  The club even tried to contact the player back in North Korea in order to convince hime to return to the league, but apparently the North Korean footballer was not interested in staying.   

I guess you could say that the refrigerator-basher must have been afraid of catching a cold in eastern Europe or perhaps he was even afraid of catching one in a teammates kitchen?   

    Creative Commons License photo credit: xJasonRogersx