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The Vuvuzela continues to get banned

Although the Vuvuzelas may have gotten off on a break in South Africa since it was part of their tradition, it seems that no one else is looking to give them a break as UEFA became another organization to ban the instrument.

After having picked up major controversy in the World Cup, the vuvuzela instrument has been banned from a number of organizations including the English Premier League, World Basketball Organization, FIBA and many others. Now comes the words that UEFA will be banning the instrument from entering the stadiums in both National team and Club competition’s.

My guess is that most of the fans are happy with the ban because it was nothing but “annoyance” to a lot of people who were at the World Cup and even to some of the viewers watching from home. Since it would have been wrong to strip the instruments during the World Cup since it is part of the South African tradition, it was only a matter of time before it started to banned from other tournaments.

A UEFA spokesman went on to say the following earlier today :

“UEFA has decided that vuvuzelas  may not be brought into stadiums at matches in UEFA competitions,” it announced on its website. The magic of football consists of the two-way exchange of emotions between the pitch and the stands, where the public can transmit a full range of feelings to the players. However, UEFA is of the view that the vuvuzelas would completely change the atmosphere, drowning supporter emotions and detracting from the experience of the game.”

Happy to hear about the game ? Were you one of the people annoyed by the noise or didn’t mind it at all ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Follow me on Twitter @Herb_Maldonado