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The U.S. is Flying High Now (a.k.a I Was Right!)

US Soccer defeated Honduras on Saturday to clinch a berth in World Cup 2010 in South Africa.  I can’t believe how many previews I read of that game that all said the Hondurans would turn away the Americans hopes of winning…they were wrong.

What a great day for US Soccer.  I’ll tell you why in just a second.  Some people have been getting down on this team and at the same time not EXPECTING that they can win.  I EXPECT them to win and I expect them to keep winning come Cup time.

US Soccer looks good and I’ll tell you why.  They seem like the team that is finally figuring out that they can compete with anyone.  They just went to a place where no road team had won during qualifying and they beat a proud Honduran team.  They had to fight off 2 Honduran goals and they still won.  They held together emotionally in a tough place to play and now they have secured a fairly quick berth in the World Cup.

Let’s not mistake…qualifying for the World Cup is hard to do, but we should be able to do this in this country.  I fully expected that they would qualify and I fully expect them to get out of pool play at the 2010 World Cup with ease.  I don’t even care whose pool they’re in…they just should be able to do it.

You see, to the rest of the world (when it comes to sports) we are the Steelers, 49ers, Yankees, Lakers, Celtics, and a bag of chips all rolled up into one.  If you think for one second that every other national in the team in the world doesn’t hope every year that we don’t figure this out you’re crazy.  American Soccer is a sleeping giant.  I think they might be waking up, and I think the rest of the world is noticing.  How long before we wake to the realization everyone else in the world has already had…we’re better than people say we are.  Heck, we’re better than our own population thinks we are.

How many times have Americans “taken victory from the jaws of defeat”?  One example in particular comes to mind.  Misty May and Kerri Walsh weren’t “supposed” to win the gold in 2004, but they did.  Then they went on that gazillion match win-streak and the Chinese pairing they played in the final was supposed to have this great chance of beating them.  It didn’t happen.  Why?  Because we, Americans, are the Yankees of Sports in the World.  Period.  We, like Misty and Kerri, are like wild animals and we smell blood when it’s in the water (like the Yankees and Steelers, etc.)  Why do you think this is richest country in the world?  It certainly isn’t because we don’t have instincts…we just don’t use them in World Soccer play.

Please, someone at US Soccer wake up and tell the boys this is how good they are.  Please!  Now, before the World Cup starts.  This team is running on fumes because no one believes….show them so they will believe!  Imagine how “on fire” for Soccer this country would be if we cared about US Soccer half as much as we LOVE Misty and Kerri…