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The Truth About Franck Ribery

Often in sports athletes lie.  Not necessarily in an evil step-sister type of way, but simply to cover their own hyde.  Usually when a player says that they are happy with their current deal, but are awaiting a new offer that really means “Pay me or I am ready to leave.”  Or if a player claims to be injured in training camp that really means “I’m out of shape and don’t want to work out this week.”  And of course if a player claims to be slightly interested in another league that really means “I want to go to that other league.  Now.” 

To Franck Ribery’s credit the midfielder has kept no such secrets.  He wants to be in La Liga and play for Real Madrid just like a toddler wants toys for X-mas and cookies for every meal of the day.  Ribery is a man of truth and whether or not you can handle the truth Ribery is gonna serve it up to you like a  cold glass of iced tea.

Ribery on his potential transfer, “Is there an agreement between Bayern and Real for a transfer next summer? Never, I deny it. That is fake. Absolutely nothing has been sorted out so far.  Bayern officials didn’t propose me any extension. Maybe we will talk. I have never closed any door. My preference is to move to Spain. One day I will play in La Liga.”

Ribery seems to be pretty content on closing these German doors and moving onto greener pastures.  But what was really surprising was his brutal honesty towards his cold relationship with his current coach, Luis van Gaal.  Ribery on this negative relationship, “For the start of the season in Germany, I was not fit enough for Van Gaal,” he added. “He said I was injured. It was a lie, I was not injured. It is true I have been upset. I showed Van Gaal I could be in the group, but he made his decision. The most important thing is trust with the coach, and it is complex.”

Sometimes the truth hurts. 

Just ask Franck Ribery.