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The Top Ten Most Valuable Youngsters

And the most valuable player is….? FutebolFinance a website specialising in releasing economic data about football just released their top 10 most valuable players in 2010.

The report ranks the most valuable players across the globe who are 21 years and younger. According to this year’s version, AC Milan and Brazil striker Alexander Pato is the world’s most valuable player.

The list takes into account age, position and match statistics of a player. The only other foreigner is fellow compatriot Neymar who ranks in at number 8 on the list. The list comprises of 8 Europeans and 2 South Americas. Below is the complete list of players and their value.

Top Ten Most Valuable Youngsters

1. Alexandre Pato (21, Milan) Min value: 25 million Euros Max: 40 million Euros.

2. Mario Balotelli (20, Manchester City) Min value: 22 million Euros Max: 33 million Euros.

3. Tomas Mueller (21, Bayern Munich) Min Value: 18.5 million Euros Max: 28.5 million Euros.

4. Stevan Jovetic (21, Fiorentina) Min value: 14 million Euros Max: 21 million Euros.

5. Eden Hazard (19, Lille) Min value: 13 million Euros Max: 19 million Euros.

6. Bojan Krkic (20, Barcelona) Min value: 12 million Euros Max 18 million Euros.

7. Marko Marin (21, Werder Bremen) Min value: 11 million Euros Max: 17 million Euros.

8. Neymar (18, Santos) Min value: 11 million Euros Max: 17 million Euros.

9. Gareth Bale (21, Tottenham) Min value: 10.5 million Euros Max 16.5 million Euros.

10. Javier Pastore (21, Palermo) Min value: 10 million Euros Max: 15 million Euros.

Photo credit: from Pinocho18