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The Tension Is Rising In Roma

80th anniversary matchJust when things seems to start working out for As Roma, another negative episode last weekend in the Serie A puts the capital team back in the mini crisis mode as not only they gets deeper into relegation zone but there’s also some dressing room issues that sparks again.

After Francesco Totti made a bit of emotional action towards Claudio Ranieri’s decision is subbing him against Inter Milan, recently just after the Giallorossi’s 2-0 defeat agaisnt Napoli last Sunday, it’s Marco Borriello’s turn saying his disappointment towards the coach.

According to the latest news, the Italian international striker who has been in a pretty decent goal scoring form in this early part of the season was a little disappointed with the substitution but can’t really take the reason for it. Speaking with the media, Ranieri, stated that he took Borriello off because the former Milan striker was tired, apparently this is not what really happened as the 28-years-old denied that he was fatigue.

“Was I tired? I think the Napoli defenders were more tired than I was,I was amazed by my substitution,” Borriello said. “I don’t want to create problems for the Coach or controversy in the media, but I don’t want to tell lies either. You ask me if I was tired and I say I wasn’t tired at all.”

This argument shows that there’s something isn’t going right in the Roma’s dressing room at the moment as taking a look at the latest game against Napoli, many would rather agree that Totti was the one who looked more tired and probably should be replaced instead of Borriello. Ranieri probably has other thought in his mind with that decision, still saying things that his own player denied will make the fans thinking that the coach has started to lose the players’ trust.

Another negative thing from the coach’s statement is the fact the he already admitted the current Roma team is not the same as las season, which managed to push Inter Milan for the title after turning around their season in the second half of the season.

“We know that we have to work hard and that we are no longer the Roma of last season. We’re working on it and will improve,” Ranieri said.

Adding the pessimism with his problems with Totti and possibly now Borriello, the rumors of Raieri’s departure from the Giallorossi is getting stronger as the media have already named the likes of Marcello Lippi and Leonardo as possible candidates.

Although the competition is still long and last season Roma have pretty much suffered the same kind of result, this season might not be as good as the previous one especially if there’s really a tension in the dressing room. It’s always difficult to find good results if the harmony isn’t not there to be found, now with the fact that they are lying in the 19th place on the table, the pressure will get bigger for the capital club to consistently gets good results after the international break.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kingpenguin1029