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The Ten Toughest Coaching Jobs In Professional Sports

You can choose your own order, but here are the ten toughest franchises to coach at currently in all of professional and college sports (three soccer teams included):

10) Oakland Raiders

Al Davis is notoriously known as the toughest NFL boss for coaches to deal with. The Hall of Famer has gone through countless numbers of coaches since John Madden retired from the profession in the late 70’s early 80’s. The one bright spot is the team has been so terrible in recent memory that even Al may have lowered the bar a bit.

9) Washington Redskins

They are so similar to the Raiders by having a no nonsense owner that is trigger happy that they might as well sit right next to the club on the list. Similar they have gone through plenty of coaches in recent memory and several fired participants have been well respected Hall of Famers. Mike Shanahan looks to be the one that makes it work with Dan Snyder.

8) New York Yankees

A tough task for the exact opposite reason of the Cubs. Try coaching a club that wins a championship every third year historically. Coaching this team will guarantee that you have the superior talent on your side, but balancing egos and avoiding the New York media blitz is an underrated job assignment despite hoarding the league’s talent.

7) Real Madrid

It’s a difficult job considering their rich history of winning big trophies and recent draught of winning any. Barcelona has reigned supreme in the last five years and the winning ways are expected regardless of their rivals great form. Jose Mourinho makes any job look much easier then it really is though, so they have that going for them.

6) Miami Heat

Talk about balancing egos the Miami Heat lack the history that the rest of the teams on the list have enjoyed, but with the two huge free agent signings this summer of Chris Bosh and King James any coach will be expected to win with the Big Three for the rest of their careers. They are great on paper, but only have one ring between the three of them.

5) Chicago Cubs

To most the Cubs are just a bunch of lovable losers, but to coach’s the job is the ultimate poison. The club is in fact cursed and the job has tempted many big names to try to be the guy that broke it. Well we are still talking about it and it doesn’t appear that throwing money at the problem has made it any better.

4) Inter Milan

Replacing a legendary coach that won the league’s first ever treble is one of the toughest scenarios to any head coaching job in the world. Plus add on the fact that the controversial former coach tells the media that you have the easiest job in the world because you are coaching a proven winner and can only mess up the system. Ouch.

3) Dallas Cowboys

With the Super Bowl in Dallas this season, Jerry Jones was imagining winning it in his hometown. Fast forward six weeks and his star QB is out for months and his team is reeling at 1-5. Dallas has only won a single playoff game in over ten years and the team is often picked to win the Super bowl before any season. Overrated, overhyped, and not good in recent memory.

2) Notre Dame Football

They remain the lone school not in a conference meaning that they play their historically tough schedule every season that is among college football’s toughest season after season. Add on the fact that they usually recruit actual student athletes and punish kids that are poor students and you have a school that is at a great disadvantage compared to the team’s their up against.

1) England’s Three Lions

They have the ideology of winning in their veins, but in the modern day there are simply many better football nations in the world. The EPL 50 plus game schedule only further assures a worn out international side for the summer’s World Cup and the fact that the media is so heavily involved in the player’s affairs only tampers with the locker room even more. Balancing egos, surpassing the insurmountable expectations, and regularly winning with an exhausted team, there are many reasons why the England national team job is the toughest in sports.