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The Sweet Science Of Lionel Messi

Messi - MaradonaBarcelona prodigy Lionel Messi is quite simply a goal scoring machine. Messi is the next great player in the evolution of great players and even Diego Maradona is willing to give the young Argentine footballer top billing. In fact Messi is so good that last season Pele felt the need to remind everybody of his 1,000 career goals. 

Well Messi isn’t the best yet and he has a few more scores to make before that big mark, but he certainly isn’t hurting his chances with his recent form. Messi, who scored a hat trick earlier today against Almeria in a 8-0 win, has 13 league goals this season in 11 matches. Not to mention 5 Champions League goals, 1 Copa Del Rey Goal, and a late winner for Argentina against Brazil in a friendly earlier this week. Messi is so good that it is hard to stop blogging about how freakishly good he is.

Allow me to continue…

Messi’s 19 goals this season in significantly less then 20 matches means that he is on pace for over 50 this season considering his Barca side will likely make it to the semifinals of the Champions League, finals of the Copa del Rey, and still have nearly 3/4 of their matches left in the league season. That means Messi will likely have a minimum of 30 or more matches this season and will likely score a minimum of 21 goals over that 60% of the season stretch. 40 goals is no longer the mark for Messi, who scored 43 total last season. 50 is the new 40 for the sensational footballer.

And why not 50 or even 60 total while were talking about it? I said earlier this year that Real Madrid’s Ronaldo and Barca’s Messi could combine for 100. They are currently on the right type of pace with similar stat lines and plenty of football left in the season.

100 could actually happen.  

      Creative Commons License photo credit: Shht!