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The Special One Warns Buyers of Balotelli

Don't feed your daughter to the crocodilesMario Balotelli is one of the most coveted stars available this transfer market. And although the nineteen year old striker is still a little bit rough around the edges many of the world’s biggest teams have begun to bid for the supposedly irreplaceable, young African forward.

And Manchester City is the favored club to win the battle for Balotelli this summer, but Jose Mourinho, the star’s former manager at Inter Milan, decided to give potential buyers a forewarning of what to expect if they land the star:

The guy has incredible qualities, but sometimes does not know how to use his brain. Let me give an example of when we played at home in the semi-final of the Champions League against Barcelona and he would not take the field. I threw him into the fray and Mario was static, not even giving a hand in defense.

And at nineteen years old Balotelli isn’t as mature as say Ryan Giggs when it comes to team responsibility. In fact Giggsey has been around for about 19 years for Manchester United, so no wonder. But in the case of Balotelli I think it is safe to say that no warnings are necessary considering the bouts he was in last season with the new Real Madrid coach.

And any potential buyer is fully aware of the baggage that would come with landing such an erratic young star. But the attraction of his skills will outweigh the potential headaches that could arise and Balotelli will always have work waiting for him even if he continuously butts heads with his coach.  After all Terrell Owens just signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last year at Inter, Balotelli acted out of line several times including (like Mourinho said) in that Barcelona second leg. He refused to celebrate with the team following the match and was reamed out in the tunnel to the locker room by vet Marco Materazzi for his unruly behavior.

Wherever Balotelli goes (who are we kidding Manchester City) the buyer will be wary of the star from the day he enters the stadium. So in other words there is no need for Mourinho to talk about the potential disaster the nineteen year old can create because it is all ready well known to the public.

After all he‘s nineteen.

Creative Commons License photo credit: tm-tm