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The Special One On Vacation In Mombasa

For those of you who have never heard of Mombasa, let me give you a little background information on this ageless city. Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city after the capital Nairobi and it is located in the Southern region of Kenya in the Coast Province along the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa is a famous tourist destination and it is not uncommon to hear about famous Hollywood stars, billionaires and top celebrities visiting the island city. However, i was taken aback when i heard that Jose Mourinho was in the country. Immediately my mind went into overdrive trying to devise ways that i could get to meet one of the game’s most successful coaches.

I live in a Ngong’ just on the outskirts of Nairobi.Mombasa is approximately 400km away. A bus ride takes at most 8 hours, however, you can get there in 45 minutes by plane. So you now have a rough picture of just what i was thinking about. 45 minutes was all that was between me and Mourinho (that is if i would ever get to him considering the heavy security around him).

Anyway to cut a long story short, i did not make it to Mombasa and yet again another golden opportunity goes begging. Earlier in the year Guus Hiddink was in the country in the same city and as you would probably guess i did not get to see him.

That said, the few who got a chance to meet the ‘special one’ will live to remember it all their lives. Sammy Mwendwa a taxi driver was one of the chosen few. Mwendwa asked about Mcdonald Mariga’s performances for the Nerazzurri and Mourinho responded saying that Mariga was a talented player with a bright future.

After leading Inter Milan to Italian history, Mourinho is taking a much needed break before heasding to Spanish giants Real Madrid to tackle the huge task ahead of him.

Photo credit: from cvrcak1