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The Sensei Falls Short on Penalties to RSL

Watching Andy Williams fall to the ground in utter exhaustion after coming within a turn of scoring the winning goal in the MLS Cup Final I was just heartbroken for him.  You could tell he had nothing left and then the match went into penalties because RSL had shutout the “Sensei of Soccer” and the Galaxy had no answer except the lone goal from Mike Magee.

The game had been extremely tough for 120 minutes and when they finally got to penalties I was concerned that NEITHER team was going to be able to make a good showing because they were all so gassed and because Josh Saunders was in for Donovan Ricketts.

The Penalties were going fine until Rimando had a save on the Galaxy and then Saunders turned right around and had a save of his own.  I mean, if you’re the backup for one of the best Keepers in the world you don’t expect to ever get in a match, but Josh Saunders performed admirably under the circumstances.

Rimando stopping the Galaxy was a shock to me because I thought that the “Sensei of Soccer” could prevail and win this thing.  {I know that RSL is my adopted team and I am so pumped that they won the Cup.  Plus, I have written record that I am not a jock-sniffer or a bandwagon-rider because when I got on their train they weren’t yet in the playoffs.}  So, when Becks took the first PK and made it look easy I wasn’t shocked.  Fast forward a few folks into a critical portion of the Penalties and Landon Donovan…MVP…Player of the Year…Player of the Decade…skies one over the crossbar.  That’s when I knew that RSL was going to win.  They had stifled the “Sensei of Soccer” by shutting down the better of the two players in that two-headed-monster.  It was unreal to watch {as was Donovan venting his frustration in the form of easily lip-read expletives right after he missed the shot.}

If I had known that RSL was going to be able to play THIS tough I would have picked them in the first place.  I knew they were riding a magic carpet but I had no idea that carpet was so magical.  I’m impressed and very pleased and now I’m only left with two questions:

1)  How long before David Beckham goes running back to Europe never to return?

2)  How long before Landon Donovan does the same?