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The Return Of Los Blancos

Jose Mourinho will tell you again and again that “he is not Harry Potter”. He will tell you that magic isn’t real and that titles do not just appear out of thin air. But judging from Real Madrid’s 3 wins in 3 matches this season in the Champions League tournament’s group qualifying stage, I think it is safe to say that Mourinho will not need to be using his invisibility cloak anytime too soon.

Several teams have looked impressive so far this tournament (Chelsea and Arsenal to name a few), but none has looked as impressive as Real Madrid did yesterday against a supposed Champions League title worthy squad in AC Milan. Mourinho’s defense stifled their opponent holding them to a measly two shots on target to their seven and the squad won the match through an impressive two minute stretch that saw the Spanish side score multiple goals during the 13th and 14th minute. 

Ronaldo would put in the first goal via the free kick from just outside the box and Ozil would be the fortunate benefactor of a deflected goal following a brilliant pass from Ronaldo. The game would be decided on these two early plays and Mourinho’s renowned defensive football style would have plenty of breathing room due to the quick strikes. After three matches Mourniho’s side has yet to concede a Champions League goal and the Spanish club also has nine points and a very comfortable5 point lead over the remaining clubs with only 3 matches left to play.

It looks like Real Madrid is going to advance to the next round and the whole team has their new friend Harry Potter, or I mean Jose Mourinho, to thank for that.