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The Premiership is tougher than La Liga, according to Carvalho

Ricardo Carvalho, the Portuguese defender, has said the Premiership is tougher than La Liga. The player has the credentials to speak about the Premiership, he played there for 6 seasons, but his views on La Liga, and therefore the actual comparison, is based on his first 3 matches in La Liga. The defender signed for Real Madrid in the summer for a nominal fee, believed to be close to £5 million. He has worked with his Portuguese compatriot, Jose Mourinho, at three different clubs. Initally at Porto, where the pair won the Champions League, and then at Chelsea, where the pair won two Premiership titles. Now they have resumed the partnership at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid’s home stadium, and will hope to repeat the success.

The defender played 135 Premiership matches for Chelsea and is of the conviction that the league is far more difficult to play in. Carvalho reasons ”I think its a lot harder to play in the Premier League. Players are physically much stronger in England. ”

Carvalho continued ”In that sense its harder to play for Chelsea than for Madrid. Playing there is what has really improved me as a player.  I had six very happy years at Chelsea.” Carvalho was appreciated by the Chelsea fans for his ability to match his opponents in a physical battle and unlike other players he would not shy away from a physical challenge and would instead relish the opportunity to test his his strengths and abilities against the strongest players in the league. This characteristic which endeared him to the Cheslea fans is also the trait he said he developed as a consequence of playing in the Premiership. A case of consequence and cause. The reason and the effect at one.

Carvalho also admitted enjoying working with Jose Mourinho, describing the Portuguese coach, who last season had a treble success with Internazionale, as a nice guy. Concerning the Portuguese national team, however, Carvalho admitted that things could be better, perhaps in the light of recent results and the subsequent sacking of Carlos Quieroz, previously national team coach and previously Real Madrid manager himself. Jose Mourinho has regularly been linked with the vacant Portugal manager’s job but has, apparently, refused the position on the advice of the Real Madrid board. Jose Mourinho, seemingly, believed he could juggle the Real Madrid job with the Portuguese national job, at least on a short term basis, but the Real Madrid board and President Florentino Perez, allegedly, denied him the opportunity, insisting he concentrate on this position only.