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The Phenom Praises Klose’s Efforts

Luiz Nazario Da Lima aka Ronaldo is FIFA’s all time leading World Cup goal scorer with 15 goals to his name, however, that record was almost matched and may be even broken by perennial German striker Miroslav Klose.

Just one goal shot of equaling Ronaldo’s record, fate dealt the 32 year old a cruel blow as a back injury kept him on the bench during Saturday’s 3rd place play-off  against Uruguay.

Germany eventually won the game 3-2 to match their 2006 3rd place finish. Ronaldo was however impressed by Klose’s remarkable feat and he was quick to heap praises on him.

“Congratulations to Klose, to score 14 goals at the World Cup is fantastic. It’s sad that he did not play on Saturday,” Ronaldo told AFP. “I was not opposed to him breaking my record. I have made my history. Now it is time for others to write their stories.”

For a number of stars, Klose included, this is their last appearance in the World Cup and many if not all would like to end their careers on a high. Its only a shame that someone else will have the honour of seeing their names written in the books of football history.

Ronaldo’s statement resonates well with FIFA’s fair play rule.Not only does it show maturity and unselfishness, but it also portray’s an image of Ubuntu (friendship) FIFA’s theme for this World Cup.

With only one game remaining to bring down the curtains on a tournament that was so eagerly anticipated, the World Cup legacy will no doubt live on for generations to come.

Attention now shifts to today’s final between the Netherlands and Spain. Both countries have never won the Cup and that alone should add to the excitement that is already fever-pitch.

Who among these teams will be the winner tonight…, that i do not know however, we cannot ignore Paul’s predictions. Just in case you wondering who Paul is, he is the Octopus that is currently a worldwide sensation after his near perfect predictions have all come true. I say near perfect because although Paul has predicted a Spanish win today, i have a gut feeling that Holland might spring up a shocking surprise (if there is such a thing) and win the trophy that has eluded them for a long time.

I will be frank and agree with Clarence Seedorf’s statement that this group of players does not have the depth of talent that previous teams had e.g.1998 however, with Robben and Sneijder in midfielder, Holland have in those two players the tournament’s best play makers . It will be interesting to see their midfield battle against Xavi and Iniesta.