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The Next MLS Franchises

Oursportscentral had an interesting article on who will get MLS franchises next. From the post:

Major League Soccer: St. Louis and Philadelphia are considered the top choices for the league’s 16th franchise that is expected to be announced early in 2008. The league hopes the selected location would be able to start play in 2009 when a Seattle team is set to join. The MLS reportedly will expand to 18 teams by 2010 or 2011 and recently announced investors for a possible Atlanta franchise and a second franchise in the New York City area. The league was also talking with the city of Miami about funding for a soccer stadium that could be part of a project with a Florida Marlins baseball stadium on the current site of the Orange Bowl. Kansas City officials recently approved a special tax incentive for a redevelopment plan in the Bannister Mall area that is to include a new soccer stadium for the Kansas City Wizards.